Welcome to My English blog | Saying hi to my Lukenators

Hi Lukenators!

Creating a new blog in English is quite scary for me because i am not good at it especially in writing but i have to try and see how it goes. I have been thinking of creating this blog since forever. i want to share my stories and experiences with all my blog readers. I do have another blog but the readers and followers are limited to those who can understand malay language only. I really hope that this blog can reach more people around the world and the information that i will share in future will benefit us all.

What is Lukenators

Lukenators is  a combination between my name and the readers of my blog. Lukenators is refering to you. Yes you! and this is my first post, I do not have anything else to share at moment. There will be more but i have to think about the niche of this blog first. Should i focus on one topic or just post whatever i want?

Thank you for dropping by.
See you #Lukenators! Have a nice day.